Online Boost Your SOL Price Prediction: Smart Investors Back Metacade as Tokens List on Exchanges

Boost Your SOL Price Prediction: Smart Investors Back Metacade as Tokens List on Exchanges

• Metacade successfully listed its tokens on Uniswap and has seen considerable gains in value since then.
• Solana has seen a decline in NFT usage due to two major projects migrating away from the platform.
• Despite this, the Solana Foundation recently announced plans to boost the NFT ecosystem with new initiatives.

Metacade’s Successful Listing on Uniswap

Metacade recently listed its tokens on Uniswap and saw a 137% return for early investors. The project was able to fill its entire $250 million token staking pool in under 5 hours, demonstrating continued investor interest and making it likely that the price will continue to rise.

Solana’s Decline in NFT Usage

Two of Solana’s most popular NFTs, DeGods and y00ts, recently migrated away from the platform due to limited growth potential. This has caused a -15% drop in users buying Solana NFTs and an almost -10% drop in total transactions according to CryptoSlam.

Solana Foundation Initiatives

The Solana Foundation announced plans to revitalize the NFT ecosystem with new initiatives designed to reduce costs and create more opportunities for developers within their network. Some of these include reducing smart contract deployment fees from $5,000 (on Ethereum) down to just $30 on Solana as well as introducing an accelerator program for projects building on their blockchain.

Impact of Metacade & Solana

The success of Metacade is encouraging for those interested in investing in cryptocurrency projects with real-world use cases, while Solana’s recent efforts demonstrate that they are willing to take steps towards creating an attractive environment for developers wanting to launch NFTs on their chain—a move which could boost SOL prices if successful.


Overall, Metacade’s successful listing on Uniswap is encouraging news for investors looking into cryptocurrency projects with real-world applications while Solana’s efforts towards boosting its own NFT ecosystem have been met with some optimism by analysts who believe this could lead to increased SOL prices over time if successful.