Crypto trading – Twitter goes Uniswap

Twitter and Uniswap, a winning combo? – A new crypto is trending on Twitter, and you are in full FOMO? Don’t panic, thanks to Mask Network, it is now possible to trade any new trendy shitcoin on Uniswap directly from Twitter.

The Mask Network project has just unveiled Maskbook , a browser extension that links web 2.0 and 3.0

For its launch, the extension brought together Bitcoin Future and Uniswap to allow its users to follow the price of cryptocurrencies and trade them directly from the social network Twitter .

Thus, once installed, the extension makes it possible to follow the price of a cryptocurrency by hovering over its ticker (for example, $ ETH or $ BTC) directly from Twitter. To do this, the extension retrieves the data provided by CoinMarketCap (CMC).

Even more impressive, Maskbook can detect if a wallet is installed on your browser and allow you to exchange said token directly on Uniswap via the „swap“ tab of the extension. Otherwise, the extension integrates an Ethereum wallet.

Initial Twitter Offering

The Maskbook project does not want to stop there. It has already announced its desire to create “Initial Twitter Offerings” to allow its users to discover new tokens and buy them directly from Twitter.

A feature that once again establishes Mask Network’s desire to create an easy-to-use gateway between the classic web and the crypto ecosystem.

“The Twitter Trading widget is actually just a small step for Mask Network in its goal of bringing the entire suite of DeFi protocols to web2.0 ” – Taylor Zhang, Mask Network team member

Their goal is clear: to become the WeChat of the crypto ecosystem . To achieve this, Mask Network wants to integrate all of DeFi into social media interfaces, as Taylor Zhang explained:

“We really compare ourselves to Chinese super apps, such as WeChat Pay and Alipay, where financial services are offered everywhere (despite the lack of the centralized part). We believe Mask Network can bring the best of DeFi – from payments and exchanges, borrowing, lending, launches, betting and portfolio analysis – all within the framework of social media interfaces. existing. „