Wirex and Visa Partner Up: Crypto Cards Now Available in 40+ Countries

• London-based digital payment company Wirex has announced a long-term service agreement with Visa which will allow them to offer crypto card services to more countries around the world.
• The move is a great milestone for Wirex because it will allow the company to reach customers in new markets including the UK and APAC markets.
• Customers of Wirex will be able to use their cryptocurrency assets to make payments at about 80 million locations where Visa is accepted around the world and receive 8% cashback instantly.

Wirex Partners With Visa

Wirex, a London-based digital payment company, has recently announced a long-term service agreement with Visa. This agreement will allow Wirex to extend its crypto card services to over 40 countries around the world, including UK and APAC markets.

Benefits for Customers

The main objective of this partnership between Wirex and Visa is to introduce more crypto-linked payment methods for customers in different markets across the globe. With this new agreement, customers of Wirex will be able to use their cryptocurrency assets when making payments at approximately 80 million locations worldwide where Visa is accepted. Additionally, they can receive 8% cashback instantly when using their cards.

Previous Milestones of Wirex

Wirex was one of the first companies to introduce crypto-card services back in 2015, through its partnership with Visa. In 2020, it officially became a principal member of Visa in Europe and then went on to raise $15 million in its Series B funding round later that same year.

Future Plans

Moving forward from this global partnership with Visa, Wirex now has its sights set on finalizing another card partnership related Australia within coming weeks as part of its plans for further expansion into international markets.


This long-term service agreement between Wirex and Visa is expected to have a major positive impact on both companies by allowing them reach customers in different parts of the world while also introducing more crypto-linked payment options for these customers.